Bench Cookie Cleat

By Zoy | Created February 15th, 2019 | Published February 15th, 2019

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Cleat to hold and organize your bench cookies.

30 min





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1/2" Plywood 12" x 24" 3" ABS pipe 1/4" aluminum rod Glue
1/4" bit 1/8" bit Hacksaw Miter Saw
1. Setup your work piece and tape. 2. using 1/8" bit drill the holes in the bottom part for the 1/4" rod to a depth of 1/4" and test fit along the way for a snug fit. 3. On the middle and top parts cut and test fit your 3" pipe. It should go completely through the top piece and then rest inside the pockets of the middle piece. 4. cut out and test fit your bench cookie on the inside cut out. 5. Once all steps above are completed, you can then cut out the top, middle and bottom parts. 6. Starting with dog bones on the side parts cut through and test fit your other parts into the dog bones. 7. Once satisfied with the fit of each piece cut out the two side pieces. 8. Cut the ABS pipe to desired length. 9. Cut two sections of aluminum rod to about 2" in length. 10. Assemble and glue all the pieces together.

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