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By Nich | Created January 13th, 2019 | Published January 13th, 2019

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This stand was designed around a Dell Precision 7520 with docking station, though it can probably be used for many other laptops with minor modifications.

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3/4" Plywood 1/4" Dowel Rod Glue
Shaper Origin Table Saw Clamps 1/4" Drill
Cut two side panels with 0.010" remaining material. Clean up to 0.000". Inside cut the jig with 0.005" remaining material and test fit the side panels in both orientations. Continue to remove material as needed until a good fit is achieved. Place one side panel in jig. Cut corner reliefs to partial depth (for that panel only! there are 7 per panel), 0.5" shown, pocket and inside cut brace cutouts to same depth (again for that panel only, there are 4 cutouts per panel). Take care on the cutouts so that a good fit to the braces can be achieved. Repeat with the other side panel, but with the opposite side up. If cutting a logo, put each side panel back in the jig with cutouts down. A demo of the jig can be viewed at On a table saw, cut a panel to a size about 2" narrower than the laptop. Set the fence to the width of the bracket pockets on the side panels and cut 4 braces to size (test fit first brace and adjust the fence until a tight fit is achieved). Glue and clamp together, making sure the stand sits flat without any twist as the glue dries. Put laptop and docking station on stand and mark location for dowels to hold the docking station in place when laptop is removed. Drill 1/4" holes, cut dowel rod to length, and glue dowels in place.

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