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Tug boat

By Roninnanaki | Created May 3rd, 2020 | Published May 3rd, 2020 | Updated May 3rd, 2020

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Simple toy tug boat. Big enough for small children, small enough for bath time.

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- 1 - 10"x14"x3/4" plywood - 1 - 4"x6"x1/4" plywood - 6" - 3/4" dowel - 9" - 1/4" dowel - double sided CNC tape - Shaper tape - Sand paper (180, 220) - Wood glue
- Shaper Origin - Calipers - 1 - F style clamp - Miter saw (or saw to cut dowels to length
This a simple project to get started with Origin. It has pockets, inside and outside cuts. You will need 2 thickness of materials, 3/4" for all the boat and 1/4" for the roof of the boat. In addition 1/4" and 3/4" dowels are needed for alignment and glue up and the smoke stack. Not a lot of material is required to make this project. In fact, you could probably use scrapes with the the Shaper Workstation or an equivalent vertical work station. I don't have mine yet so I was unable to try. Make sure you have all you materials before you start. Then use your caliper or measuring tool to check the exact thickness and diameter of you materials. This is a good idea if you need to adjust the dowel holes from what is in the design. Now that you have everything, first thing to do is cut the boat out with Origin. Check the dowels as you go along for your desired fit. Hull - All interior cuts and pockets are cut to 1/4" depth Cabin - Interior cuts go all the way through. Bridge - Interior cuts go all the way through. Roof - Interior cuts are 1/8" in depth Now that you have all the Origin parts cut out determine the dowel length for the 1/4" dowels and how tall you want the smoke stack (I made mine 3"). Dry fit everything. The dowel will act as guides for all your parts so and make glue up much easier. Once you are happy with how everything fits. Sand all the parts separately and then glue the boat together. Use a clamp to hold things together while glue drys. You did it. Now finish as desired. I am going to have my kids paint their boats and then I will put a clear coat on them to turn them into bath toys.