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Wooden Tops for Uline 24"x12" Wire Shelving

By Jeremy | Created March 1st, 2020 | Published March 1st, 2020 | Updated March 1st, 2020

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These wooden tops are perfectly sized to fit 24"x12" Uline wire shelves. There are two sizes - the small top will fit on one 24"x12" Uline shelf, and the long top will span across two adjacent 24"x12" shelves (~48"). The long shelf includes a pocket cutout that enables it to clear the lip between two shelves.

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- 23.000" x 11.400" Glue-Up for each Small Shelf - 46.875" x 11.400" Glue-Up for each Long Shelf - 1 or 2 Uline 24"x12" Shelving units in the height of your choosing
- Shaper Origin - Track saw or Table Saw - Tools to make your glue-up (Planer, Jointer, Domino, Clamps, etc) - Orbital Sander - Trim or Table Router - Finish of choice
1. Create a Glue-Up for each shelf you want to make. I used ~1/2" thick maple wood. 2. Cut the Glue-Up to the dimensions of the SVG file (specified in the Materials listing) using a table saw and/or track saw. Because the Uline shelves are welded together, they are not a perfect rectangle - the middle tends to bow out a little bit. The final dimensions that I used for these shelves ensure a nice fit with enough wiggle room to ensure that the lip around the outside of the shelves has some clearance to the wooden top. 3. Use Shaper Origin's "grid" tool to align a grid to your Glue-Ups. Snap the the design file to the grid. 4. Cut out the corner cutouts using Origin. 5. If you are making the longer shelf that is designed to span two adjacent 24"x12" shelves, cut the middle pocket to a depth of 0.25" 6. Finish the shelf tops to your liking. I added a chamfer to the perimeter, and then finished with five coats of "Dead Flat" varnish to obtain a matte finish that would hold up nicely to kitchen use.