"Winner" cleat hook

By shaperilio | Created January 8th, 2019 | Published January 8th, 2019

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Dead simple hook for clothing / bags / kids in suspenders. I took the cleat-end of these straight out of "Cleat of the Week 7: Hammer Rack" https://www.shapertools.com/hub/creators/5b437481a92ce901517c0655/shares/5b034254fc3516000f72d706 2 hooks in the design file; nested to save some wood.

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Wood. The thinner it is, the more likely the hooks will flop around. Can easily be glued together if it becomes an issue.
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The space between the hook on and the cleat can be used to jam a piece of rubber tubing (or similar) to help keep the hook in place when removing items. If you have some thicker stock around, consider making some cleat cam locks: https://www.shapertools.com/hub/creators/59bbcf2b291ebbfa71254b59/shares/5c412b382800470017e9580a

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