Miette pocket brush

By Sam | Created August 29th, 2020 | Published August 29th, 2020 | Updated August 29th, 2020

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Miniture key ring / pocket brush. 2" x 1/2" Super quick, fun gift to create with Origin Use the same techniques to make any shaped brush you like. Using Origin's on tool design features, you'll be able to add bristles to any project.

10 min





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Any leftover stock larger than 2" x 1" x approx 3/4" thick bristles of your choosing, i used tampico. flexible strong wire, i used motorcycle safety wire.
Stock 1/4" cutter A smaller cutter 1/8" or 1/16" or a drill to pass the looped wire through.
Double sided tape approprately sized stock to the workstation shelf ( or whatever fixturing arrangement you are comfortable with. ) Place the file with its longest length running with the grain. cut the 3 bristle holes down to .4" cut the lone key ring hole all the way though. rought cut then finish cut the perimeter down to within about 0.04" of full depth ( leaving a thick skin ) cut a thin slice of the rear with a bandsaw, it will need to be around 0.1" thick ( this will be used as a cap to hide the wires securing the bristles in place ) If you dont have a band saw use the profile of the included svg to cut one with Origin. ( you can mill it down to the desired thickness by pocketing out the excess material ) cut a pocket in the workstation shelf near the top using the svg profile again, this will secure the brush body in place while you perform a couple of operations from the rear. Insert the brush body in the pocket bristle holes down, being careful to match the orientation of the svg. ( see image ) Highlight the guide line running between the holes, and make it an online cut, cut it to .05" deep ( this is a cavity to accomodate the wire ) highlight the 1/8" guide circles, and with an 1/8" cutter, cut 3 holes in the back of the bristle holes, big enough for a wire loop to pass though, but small enough that the bristles wont be drawn though. Trim out the thin cap we band sawed earlier with a craft knife and sand ready for gluing. Take the wire and a modest amount of bristles, ( i sourced my bristles here: https://www.caddysupply.com/products/natural-tampico-fiber?category=Fiber ) shipping was quite a bit as its a 10lb box, im sure smaller quantities can be found elsewhere. Insert a loop of wire through the 1/8" hole from the back of the brush. wrap it round the bristles and pull them into the hole ( you may need to adjust the amount of bristles to make sure each cluster fills the bristle hole, but can fit folded into the available cavity ) pull tight from the back, tie one end then move to the center hole and repeat, same again for the last hole, pull tight and tie off the wire. here is a video demonstration: https://youtu.be/melad6XtCek?t=397 trim the bristles to length. glue on the rear cap. sand and finish to taste

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