By Sam | Created May 17th, 2020 | Published June 10th, 2020 | Updated June 15th, 2020

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The little cardboard car cardboard box attachment featured in the 2020 father day spot. make it your own by customizing the grill and dash board with lights, buttons and features matching your favorite vehicle.

20 min





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1/2" ply 1/4" cutter 1/8" radius following round over cutter 6mm 45mm long hex head screw 2 X washers 6mm nylon lock nut 1/4" radius roundover following bit
Origin trim router
Mount ply good side down on a spoil board. Cut all rabbets / details to 1/4" deep. Otherwise everything is through cuts. Cut the left and right sides, and chisel the highlighted corner square ( you will see it when you are cutting the svg file ) Cut 2 X standoffs Cut 2 X steering rims ( the three little inside cuts need to be pocketed out as well ) Sand everything, Then flip both steering rims so the little pockets face down, with a trim router and a 1/4" radius roundover following bit, Round over the inside and outside of the steering wheel and sand so its nice and smooth. Flip the dash, so the good side ( the side without the assembly details ) is facing up, customise it by visually aligning the dash details file and engraving this dash or a dash of your own design. Assemble the steering wheel components, and glue them together and clamp for 24 hrs. Assemble, glue and clamp the remainder. the colored images should communicate how to the parts are configured. Use the 6mm screw to help align the two standoffs on the top surface of the dash while the glue sets. Painters tape / brad nails or clamps can be used to hold everything in place while the glue cures. Once the glue drys, sand and finish everything. Install the screw from the top, with a washer between the standoff and the wheel, and another on the bottom side between the dash and the locknut. Spin the wheel to ensure it moves freely. Spin it again, just because. enjoy

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