Simple Plant Stand

By Shawn | Created January 4th, 2020 | Published January 8th, 2020 | Updated January 8th, 2020

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A simple on-tool CAD project that has been made many times, with a cool Origin twist.

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Wood of any size, cut 5 pieces to same length (one of them will be cut into 2 pieces for the base)
Origin Vertical Workstation Deep Cutting Bit (I used 1.45 inches) Sander Glue
This is a fun project I have been wanting to do for some time. It is rather quick, and I think shows off a whole new side of Origin, classic furniture using slot based mortise and tenons without the use of a computer to design it. See a little Instagram story here Material Prep: --------------- Get your material together. It really doesn't matter thickness and width, just make it all consistent. I think mine was 1.45 inches thick, and .79 inches wide. I cut the lengths to the height I wanted for this specific plant. Setup Ontool CAD design Slot Tenons: ------------------------------------------ -Create a grid on your tenon stock. -Make grid spacing the lowest common denominator of both the width and height of material. (so you can place it at center of stock in next step) -Use the rectangle tool to setup a tenon that is ~60% smaller than your piece, and place it at the center of the tenon. (There is a part of the Instagram story above that shows how to create the design file) -Change cut type to outside cut Cut Tenons: ------------- -#PROTIP: if you are experiencing tear out, double stick stick tape a thin piece of wood to the front face of the tenon, and it will help eliminate this. -Cut your tenons first. I find it's much easier to cut the tennons to 0 offset, then cut the mortises to a negative offset for the right fit. (allows for fit checking without removing the mortised piece) -I cut in depth increments of the bit, starting with an offset that makes the bit clear the outside of the corners of your tenon. -Cut all the way to final depth then 1/2 the distance of the offset for each pass after that taking full depth passes, down to a small .01 inch offset finish pass. Design and Cut Tenon Dados: ------------------- -Now we need to make the dado to join the bases (seen in image 3 above) -(Also feel free to use table saw here, or whatever else. I don't have one, so Origin to the rescue) -I used rectangle tool and over extended the front and the back to cut half of the depth on each base piece. -Hammer it together (maybe some glue) Setup the Ontool CAD Slot Mortises: ---------------------------------------- -Create a jig so that you can replace each of the legs without having to regrid (I clamped some wood on the front of the vertical workstation, so that I could setup the design and then replace the stock 3 more times) [video above has some shots of how I set this up] -Using same values for rectangle tool in the tenon, place at center of the stock where you want the base to connect to the legs Cut Mortises: -------------- -Cut like you always do. -Offset of 0 is unlikely to fit, so you will need to finish the offset with a negative number. Depending on how much glue you want to use I prefer .005 inches. (it was a little tight for glue so would suggest a bit more. Glue and Sand: ----------------- -Do you really need instructions on this? And you are done, I hope you enjoyed, I look forward to seeing a few in the wild! Slot based Mortises rock so does ontool CAD! Questions, Comments? Have you made one?!?! Leave them

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